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Anna – Vancouver

City/State: Vancouver

Hello! I am Anna, a lover of life and of people in my 20s. I enjoy genuine connections with others and physical touch. All of us need it and yearn for it, yet a lot of barriers have been put up and people feel isolated. I wish to remedy that through my soothing touch, vibrant presence and active listening. I am a creative soul with a background in massage. I care about all beings, I naturally relate to others and I my loving energy is infectious!


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Location Specialties Transport Fees Animal at their place Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
Kitsilano Massage, life coaching, cuddles Negotiable None No None



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Anna welcomes you with a warm hug. I only took a 30 minutes session but I was amazed about how great she made me feel. (...) I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a break from their busy lives.


As this was my first time hiring a professional cuddler I was not sure what to expect. However I can say Anna far exceeded any expectations I had. She was very thoughtful, kind, considerate and professional throughout the entire experience. She greets you with a kind smile and a warm hug which instantly puts you at ease. She is an excellent cuddler and great listener, my stress and anxiety melted away. I cannot wait for my next appointment.


Anna – Vancouver

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions