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Jon – Vancouver

City/State: Vancouver

Hi, I'm Jon! I have a warm grounding presence, a kind caring heart, a friendly sense of humour, and a natural healing touch. I'm also a math and sciences professional, an accomplished musician, and a trained facilitator with 5 years of experience hosting fun safe spaces for social cuddling.

I'm passionate about being a responsive man and am actively involved in gender dialogue and embodiment work. I enjoy conversing and being an empathetic listener, and I also know that the best moments are often just spent in quiet presence with another human being. If I sound like a fit for you, I hope you'll be courageous as I'd love to help snuggle your cares away!


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Location Specialties Transport Fees Animal at their place Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
Commercial Drive Neighborhood Massage, boundary-sensitive sessions, client empowerment, grounding touch As quoted None No Your place only



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Jon – Vancouver

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions