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Madeline – Winnipeg

City/State: Winnipeg

Hello, my name is Madeline. Hugging and soft, calming touches were passed down to me by my mother, my grandmother, who showed me the importance and magic that human touch can have. Genuine connection is so important to me, and I would be honoured to share that magic with you. I am a quiet, soft person with a kind and warm soul, and I am naturally in tune to others and their needs. I am a singer, so I can also offer you some soothing hums or tunes. I would love to give you some warm, welcoming cuddles.


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Location Specialties Transport Fees Animal at their place Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
Osborne Village Soothing with song, listening, empathy, massage Negotiable Cats No None



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To say that Madeline's touch reached my soul would be a severe understatement; Being in her arms put every fiber of my being at peace. I have tried most conventional methods of relaxation (massage etc.) to no avail; Imagine my surprise that her simplest touch brought instant waves of calm and well-being. She is an absolute treasure!


There aren't enough superlatives in any language to describe yesterday's session. Wow. Just wow. :)


When Maddy and I first met, the connection was instant and deep. Every time we cuddle, it just gets better and better. I think it's definitely due to that connection and how we continue to read each other and refine our cuddling for our mutual benefit. While the other sessions I had were very good, they were nothing compared to when Maddy and I cuddle.


Madeline – Winnipeg

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions