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Madison – Toronto

City/State: Toronto

Hello, my name is Madison and I would love to meet you! I am positive, nurturing and open minded with a naturally maternal energy. I love to smile. I'm physically warm with a soft touch and a firm hold. I am sensitive to anxiety disorders and enjoy working with physically disabled individuals. I have been an active participant and contributor to the disabled, LGBTQ and sex positive communities in and around Toronto for over 10 years. I feel a have a well rounded understanding of the needs and sensitivities of a broad range of clients including those in crisis. At home I enjoy cooking for loved ones and de-stressing in a hot sauna. Book a session with me, and my soothing voice will encourage you to release the stress of the day.


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Location Specialties Transport Fees Animal at their place Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
next to St. Clair west station' Empathetic, non-judgmental, experience with anxiety, disability and LGBTQ Negotiable Cat Apartment ‘yes’, bathroom ‘no’ No promotions; available on weekends only and on weekdays 8 p.m. onwards by 'special request' only



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Madison was exceptional in her session. She has a real talent to make me feel very peaceful, safe and happy. Being the first session, I let her to take the lead, and she did amazing. She successfully lowerd my stress level from working long hours in financial industry. Nothing feels better than having the stress to go away. It almost as if the world is good again. The power of touch is indeed the stress therapy that works. Thanks to Madison for a great work. Looking forward to de-stressing again in the next session.

Madison – Toronto

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions