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Manon – Winnipeg

City/State: Winnipeg


My name is Manon. While I may be new to the world of professional cuddling, anyone close to me can tell you that I have always been cuddle powered. I rarely go a day without a hug. My work in emergency services has made me awkward proof and I am used to staying calm and comforting through strong emotions and all kinds of situations. My line of work has also helped me realize the remarkable positive impact that compassionate touch brings. I love to joke around and put people at ease. Many friends have told me that I am a good listener and am easy to talk to so if you are having a bad day I'm the gal to call. I look forward to meeting you and sharing a snuggle!

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Location: your place or mine
Specialties: very compassionate, funny and a good listener

Manon – Winnipeg

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions