Human beings seems to be happier when touched regularly.


Power of Touch – Touch Therapy

All preliminary researches suggest that human touch has positive effects both psychologically and physically.
Platonic human touch such as hugs or cuddles releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a chemical released in our brains which may have the following positive effects:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • lowering stress levels, which is cumulative and decrease our lifespan
  • helping to relieve pain
  • protecting against inflammation
  • reducing social anxiety
  • reducing depression
  • Repair the stress related damage to the heart

Touch Deprivation

On the other hand, touch deprivation is related to lower self-esteem and depression. Some researches suggest that “people who do not receive adequate amounts of touch develop various communication problems from reduced learning of speech (Thayer, 1986) to aggression (Field, 2002a).”

Researchers have observed monkeys in artificially partial isolation (they could see, smell, hear and interact with other monkeys without physical contact). The researchers reported that partial isolation resulted in various abnormalities from blank staring to self-mutilation. (Harry Harlow 1960)

The Benefits of Paying a Stranger for Human Touch?

  • There are no worries! You pay, enjoy and leave!
  • We are the best cuddlers out there! When you come in contact with a great cuddler, you have to redefine what cuddling is. Great cuddlers are rare, and you should try it once in your life!
  • Available when your friends are not.
  • Great non-judgmental listeners.
  • Confidential! Are you are strong person who no one has ever seen cry? We won’t tell…
  • Safe! Online dating or free cuddling apps are not without danger. People can often want more than just to cuddle and will pressure for more. Not at the Cuddlery. We are a registered company with a reputation to maintain.
  • You can hire someone to hug your parents when they were in care homes and you cannot be there for them as often as you would like to

A poll from CBC states that more than a third of the population are ready to pay for cuddles at some point in their life.