Client’s agreement guideline

These rules are essential to provide you with the best cuddling experience there is. They are there to protect the cuddler as well as yourself.

I understand and agree to all of the following:


2. Definition:
Sexual activity includes, but is not limited to, kissing, dry humping, hips movements back and forth, fellatio, masturbation, sucking fingers or toes, getting voluntarily aroused, touching places or taking cuddling positions with a sexual connotation and penetration.

Sexual assault is defined as forcing the cuddler into a sexual activity.

3.Severe offenses:
If a Client commits a severe offense, the cuddler will leave immediately. You will be placed on the CAPC’s blacklist and there will be no refunds. In cases of sexual assault, the client will be reported to the police.

The severe offenses are as follows:
3.1. Committing a sexual assault.
3.2. Touching on purpose areas covered by undergarments, knowing that it is forbidden.
3.3. Kissing the cuddler on the mouth.
3.4. Arriving intoxicated.
3.5. Showing off areas normally covered by undergarments purposely. Both parties will remain clothed the entire session. If either party needs to change clothing this will be done in private and out of sight of the other party.

4. Prohibited behavior:
If a client has mild prohibited behaviour, up to three warnings will be given to the client before the cuddler leaves, depending om the severity of the offense. If the cuddler has to leave, the Client will be placed on the CAPC’s blacklist. There will be no refund.

Mild prohibited offenses are as follows:
4.1. Getting voluntarily aroused (for example with hips movements).
4.2. Touching gently or ‘inadvertently’ areas covered by undergarments.
4.3. Giving small affectionate kisses. The cuddler can do so, not the client.
4.4. Proposing sexual activities.
4.5. Asking the cuddler out on a date more than once.
4.6. Call or text a cuddler for reasons other than appointment scheduling or reasonable inquiries.

5. Safety:
6.1. The Client will show a piece of ID at the beginning of the session. The cuddler will take a picture and send it to a safe person.
6.2. Cuddlers will contact their safe person after appointments with their personal code to confirm they left safely if the session is at the Cuddlee’s place.
6.3. The Cuddler will record video only (no sound) if the cuddler and the cuddlee are alone in the residence. This is in order to protect cuddlers and Clients from any allegations of misconduct. There is an alternative to recording the session: spending 15 minutes in a public place with the cuddler to allow them to assess their safety.

6. Confidentiality:
The cuddler will keep all information about the Client, their filmed session and what the Client disclosed as confidential.

The CAPC encourage recording sessions to work without any legal incidents. The recordings are strictly confidential and will only be shared with the appropriate authorities in case of a criminal breach. These video recordings are all encrypted properly and they are deleted two weeks later (to allow time in case any complaints arise).

If recording the session is not comfortable for you, the cuddler can offer an alternative. The cuddlee can meet the cuddler for a minimum of 15 minutes in a public setting. The cuddler will proceed to a cuddling session only if they feel completely safe.

The filmed sessions are transferred on a separate hard drive. They are not put up on the internet.

Confidentiality will be breached only if a crime is committed. In this case, the information will be released only to the appropriate authorities.

7. Report
The cuddlee agrees to report the cuddler who does not respect the professional cuddler’s oath CAPC. The cuddlee will report if the cuddler lacked professionalism such as inciting for sex.

8. Hygiene:
Cleanliness and adequate hygiene are required by both parties. This specifically includes showering/teeth brushed within 12 hours of the appointment, wearing freshly laundered clothing, and no (or minimal) perfume/cologne be worn by both parties unless requested. The cuddler or the cuddlee may leave if their cuddling partner’s smell is too strong for them. The person with the bad hygiene should compensate for the other person’s travel time.

9. Cancellation:
Cancellation within 12 hours of a session will result in 25% of the session,up to $20 cancellation fee.
Cancellation within 2 hours of a session will result in 35% of the session, up to $35 cancellation fee.

10. Transportation fees:
If it is at your place, you will pay the transportation fees directly to the cuddler upon their arrival at a rate of $0.40/kilometer and the parking cost if the cuddler drives or the cost of transit and $10/hour if the cuddler uses public transportation. Discuss the traveling distance over the phone. If the location is too far, both you or the cuddler may prefer another cuddler.

12. Waiver:
The client agrees hereby to indemnify and hold harmless the CAPC from any and all claims by the client which may arise out of and in the course of the service. The client releases the CAPC from any liability.

13. Lawful:
The cuddler and the client will not break any federal, municipal, provincial laws, statutes or regulations while together.

14. Arbitration clause:
If any dispute arises between the Parties relating to the application, interpretation, implementation or validity of this agreement between the client and the cuddler, the Parties agree to resolve the dispute by arbitration using the ADR Chambers Expedited Arbitration Rules. The arbitration shall be held in the province where the service took place and shall proceed in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act of the said province. Judgement upon the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.