In addition to all regular agreements, we have implemented a number of new guidelines that prioritizes the safety and well-being of cuddlees and cuddlers. All parties must agree to the terms below and maintain strict compliance throughout the duration of the cuddling session. We thank everyone for their understanding and mindfulness for the health and safety of others in these uncertain times.

For the Cuddlee:

All cuddlees must wash their hands immediately upon entering the premises, undergo a pre-screening, and wear a mask throughout the session to protect all parties involved. 

If there is a shower at the facility, a shower would be better to take.

Please do not cuddle if any of the following points pertain to you:

1. You are experiencing any of the following:

  • Severe chest pain
  • Severe difficulty waking up
  • Severe difficulty breathing (e.g. struggling to breathe or speaking in single words)
  • Feeling confused
  • Losing consciousness

2. You are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Mild to moderate shortness of breath
  • Inability to lie down because of difficulty breathing
  • Chronic health conditions that you are having difficulty managing because of difficulty breathing

3. You are experiencing cold, flu, and/or COVID-19-like symptoms, even mild ones.

4. You have traveled to Ontario, Quebec, or any countries outside Canada (including the United States) within the last 14 days.

5.  You have provided care or have had close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19 in the last 20 days.

For the Cuddler:

Design your own restart plan in accordance with the guidelines of your province. You can follow the guidelines of the massage therapists of your province. Please note that cuddling is riskier than massages.

Example for BC:

At a minimum, your plan must include detailed pre-screening, hand hygiene , and enhanced cleaning.

Your plan will:

  • Ensure that only healthy people will be permitted in the practice environment. Have a pre-screening process. 
  • Describe pre-screening processes to protect patients, therapists and staff,
  • Detail hand hygiene and cleaning protocols – use clean sheets, ventilate the room before, during, and after the cuddle session.
  • Provide for a smaller caseload than pre-pandemic levels – care should be prioritized on the basis of need, – we recommend 2 or 3 clients a day maximum, priority to people who live alone and work from home. Do contact tracing.
  • Ensure that communication to patients and colleagues are clear, shared by all, and consistent,
  • Be shared with co-workers and everyone who shares the practice environment with you,
  • Adapt as needs emerge and new information is available, and
  • Minimize risk to all.