Q. Is there any happy ending?
Q. Do I need to stay dressed at all times?
Q. What can I wear?
Q. Why are there rules?
Q. Can we meet before we cuddle?
Q. What if I become aroused during the cuddling session?
Q. Can I talk during the cuddling session?
Q. Is this service confidential?
Q. Can the cuddler give me advice?
Q. Are cuddling sessions therapy?
Q. Do I have to tip?
Q. Is anyone welcome to become a client?
Q. Do we have to stick to cuddling?
Q. What if I did not have the time to take a shower?
Q. Can we have a drink?
Q. How did you set the prices?
Q. May I ask the cuddler out on a date?
Q. Does it need to be at my place or at the cuddler's place?
Q. Do you have any training?
Q. Is filming necessary? Doesn't it infringe on my privacy?
Q. What if I'm anxious to cuddle a stranger?