What are the steps to get cuddled?

  • Search for a cuddler in your region.
  • If they have a booking link, you can directly book an appointment with them. If not, communicate with them by phone or email.
  • Bring cash. Most cuddlers will not have a credit card reader. You must have paid before the session begins.
  • The cuddlee usually doesn’t know what to expect, so the cuddler suggests what they will do. The cuddling session is usually 5-6 cuddling positions for one hour. However, it is your session, so if you have preferences, you should voice them. More importantly, if you have boundaries, your cuddler should know about them. The cuddler should try to give you as much affection and/or support while trying not to arouse you.
  • You will likely feel nervous your first time. However, as soon as you start cuddling, the comfort bubble will “kick in”. Enjoy!!
  • Don’t forget to report the cuddler if they were inappropriate. To see what is an appropriate cuddler by the professional cuddler’s oath.


Cuddlers should have the same standard of confidentiality than psychologists. The cuddler should keep all information about the cuddlee and what the cuddlee disclosed as confidential. Confidentiality should be breached only if a crime is committed, or if the cuddler believes the cuddlee to be a threat to themselves or others. In this case, the information should be released only to the appropriate authorities.

If the sessions are filmed (see ‘Safety’ below), they are transferred onto a separate hard drive. They are not put up on the internet. The recorded session and the ID picture (see ‘Safety’ below)  should be kept for 14 days if no complaints arise; otherwise, they will be deleted.


The safety of both the cuddlers and the cuddlees is paramount. The CAPC believes that without a feeling of safety, cuddling cannot achieve its soothing benefits.

This is why the CAPC has put into place the following recommendations that you can see in the Client’s Agreement:

  • The Client should show a piece of ID at the beginning of the session. The cuddler should take a picture and send it to a safety person.
  • The safety person should know all appointment dates, times, and locations.
  • The cuddler should record video of the session (no sound). The filmed sessions should be transferred onto a separate hard drive. They are not put up on the internet. This is in order to protect cuddlers and Clients from any allegations of misconduct. Many cuddlers have a hidden camera in case something happens to the first one.
  • No filming is necessary when there are other people at the place of cuddling (e.g. roommates at the house of the cuddler).
  • There is a system of warnings set out in the Client’s Agreement. Depending on the gravity of the offense, the cuddler will give up to three warnings before ending the session.
  • If the cuddlee pays in cash, he should pay the cuddler before the beginning of the session.
  • If the cuddlee is intoxicated, the cuddler may refuse to start the session.
  • The majority of the cuddlers live with someone else at home and book when that person is at home.


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