Oath for the Professional Cuddler


I, ______________________, swear / affirm that I will act professionally at all times. This includes:


  • The well being of my client will be my primary consideration during the cuddling session.
  • I will not include nudity or sexual services in my cuddling sessions.
  • If in my judgment the client would be harmed emotionally by ongoing professional cuddling sessions I will discuss other options to integrate touch into their lives with them.
  • I will always ask for and receive permission before initiating touch with a client.
  • I will respect my clients privacy and confidentiality. I may only report to the appropriate authorities if a crime is committed, or if the cuddler believes the cuddlee will harm themselves or others.
  • When I film a cuddling session, the footage will not be transferred onto the internet or distributed in any way. Footage will be erased 14 days after the cuddling session if no complaint arise.
  • I will not pretend that clients have a chance to have a sexual relationship or romantic relationship to entice clients to return for future visits.
  • I will try to genuinely care for my clients and show them that I care for them.
  • I will not try to arouse on purpose.
  • I will not be judgemental with any clients.
  • I will actively listen if the client would like to talk.
  • I will be respectful of emotions my client shows.
  • I will have a good hygiene and not put on too much perfume, unless requested otherwise.
  • I will not wear ‘sexy’ clothing.
  • I will maintain a safe and comfortable environment to hold cuddling sessions in.
  • I will not misrepresent myself on my page, including the pictures which will be recent.
  • I will not break any federal, municipal, provincial laws, statutes or regulations while practising cuddling.
  • I release the CAPC from any liability, I am sole responsible of my cuddling practice.


I am not a psychologist. If someone needs help:


  • I will refer the client to competent professionals or online services such as suicide helpline.
  • I will only give advice when asked for and I clearly state that it is only my personal opinion.