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Amy N – Toronto

City/State: Toronto

Criminal record check: No

I follow CAPC guidelines, safety protocol: Yes

Price/Per Hour: $90 / hour

I follow the CAPC suggested price : Yes

I used to work as a university lecturer back in my home country. I also occasionally worked as a training facilitator, delivering training to employees at corporations who needed to be equipped with applicable knowledge in their work. I loved my jobs, my students, my colleagues and (even) my boss.

After a few years working in the educational industry, I felt something was missing and that I must utilize the finite time I am grated on earth to explore other jobs and other places and bump into other people. Inspired by Jack Ma’s statement “The world is so wonderful. Why do I have to be the CEO of Alibaba all the times”, I quit my job and made a dramatic life milestone by residing in Toronto. And now I am embarking on a pretty uncommon job, a Cuddler. I would also like to try jobs such as room attendant and zoo keeper. But above all, I aspire to be a writer. I write about everything, on a regular basis. I care about emotional health more than any other aspects of life and writing, to me, is in fact a way to express thoughts and emotions.

I had tough times, when I felt no one would be willing to listen to my thoughts, my fears and my hopes. Because they also had their own, which were also unheard. I guess I do not want others to experience such lonely and frustrated feelings, as I did.

Being heard (and hugged) is among the basic human needs and I strongly believe it is to be supplemented to constitutional and human rights laws. While awaiting this superior advancement to materialize, my ears and my arms are open for you.
Note: I hope you understand cuddling service is not about arousal or sex.

Amy N – Toronto

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
Email: amy.doriana@gmail.com
Sleepover, Movie Night, Companionship, Travel Guide (in your city), Travel Body (you accompany the client in another city), Skin-to-Skin Option, Cuddling at the client's place, Cuddling in public (such as theatre, beach, park) None No No smokers please (or at least no smell of cigarette smoke when seeing me), otherwise I'm gonna annoy you with non-stop coughing