December 15, 2019 admin


City/State: Toronto

Criminal record check: No

I follow CAPC guidelines, safety protocol: Yes

Price/Per Hour: $100 / hour

I follow the CAPC suggested price : Yes

Hey Cuddelees!

My name is Asaf and i’d love to get to know you better and provide the best service I can!

I’m a fitness professional, downtowner, educated, fit, non-smoker, non-drinker, 31 year old immigrant from the middle east! I love canada and all it has to offer.

I have always been the intimate type. I love human touch and i see it as a need rather than a luxery. I’m here to provide a discreet, respectful, fun and fun experience to whoever might feel a little lonely (Don’t we all from time to time?) and will be open to supplementing my service with extras such as movie nights, long conversations and life coaching.

See you soon and have fun!


Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
Booking Link
Phone: 16479396134
Sleepover, Movie Night, Companionship, Travel Guide (in your city), Travel Body (you accompany the client in another city), Skin-to-Skin Option, Cuddling at the client's place, Cuddling at the cuddler's place None Yes