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Damian Reimann

City/State: Other

Criminal record check: No

I follow CAPC guidelines, safety protocol: Yes

Price/Per Hour: $75 / hour

I follow the CAPC suggested price : Yes

Hey! My names Damian and I've lived in Kelowna, BC since 89.
I'm a compassionate soul that loves to understand people on a deep level but also knows how to keep things light and fun.
I have a calming demeanor that welcomes openness, acceptance, and nurturing through connection in many ways. Squishy cuddles, or simple hand holding, with me you may leave here feeling uplifted, melty, and knowing that you are seen and accepted exactly as you are.
I truly believe in the healing power of human touch. My professional goal is to take the time to listen and help create the experience which brings you the most nourishment.
We all deserve happiness and each of us has unique gifts. I feel thankful for the opportunity to appreciate others through my work. I am here for you!

Damian Reimann

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
Phone: 2508016661
Movie Night, Companionship, Skin-to-Skin Option, Cuddling in public (such as theatre, beach, park) None No men