October 22, 2020 Deez Sloman

Deez Sloman

City/State: Toronto

Criminal record check: No

I follow CAPC guidelines, safety protocol: Yes

Price/Per Hour: $70 / hour

I follow the CAPC suggested price : Yes

Hey I'm Deez

I'm a 26 year old female, in Toronto. I love cooking delicious meals, finding new ways to be active, going on adventures and getting lost in a good book or movie. I've always thought that the human body is a beautiful thing, and as such I've come to love human intimacy and touch.I love feeling the warmth and protection my body feels during a deep hug, or cuddle. I love the rush of serotonin that floods from my brain and warms my entire body. As I've become more of an active person, and begun to nourish my body with more clean foods and thereby nutrients, as well as become passionate about living an active lifestyle my love for my body has continued, and the empowerment I feel for my body has only grown stronger. I'm also a mental health advocate. Being someone who battles with anxiety and depression, the strides that I've made in my lifestyle have played a huge factor in conquering my mental health, but also helping me to see my body and myself in a completely different light. By filling my body with healthy food I've felt my state of mind change as I feel stronger, and am more ambitious to take on the day. Similar to how I feel after a workout, or any kind of exercise related activity. I feel more confident in myself as I get my heart beat racing and my muscles being engaged. A work out instructor who I still have a very close bond with, was the first one who embraced the idea in me that exercise is never a punishment but a celebration. To this day I still utter those words to myself before any workout, and I see what a difference it's made compared to when I was younger, and just starting to get serious about working out. I'm more motivated to push myself and feel myself getting stronger, as I celebrate everything that my body can do. This mentality has brought so much positivity to my life, as I've grown a healthier mentality of my body image altogether. I've grown to accept that there are many different body types, and ones overall health is not determined by a number on a scale. I've grown fond of my career through my passion for life. I'm a teacher of small young minds, otherwise known as an Early Childhood Educator. I work with children as young as infants to children as old as school age. I along with my team shape and mould young minds, and support, and encourage the progression of ongoing development. I take pride in my profession as I see their personalities and skills emerge and develop right before my eyes.I see each new accomplishment, and help them grow and learn. They proudly show their work to me, and I give the loudest cheers. No, I am not their parent, but my role is just as strong.

Deez Sloman

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
Phone: 6477708259
Email: deezy1012008@hotmail.com
Movie Night, Companionship, Cuddle group / Cuddle party, Travel Body (you accompany the client in another city), Skin-to-Skin Option, Cuddling in public (such as theatre, beach, park) None No