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Matt Moore

City/State: Montreal

Criminal record check: No

I follow CAPC guidelines, safety protocol: Yes

Price/Per Hour: $85 / hour

I follow the CAPC suggested price : Yes

Matt holds a safe space in conscious presence to promote his client's healing and well-being. Graduate of the ISTA Training Program, he dedicates his life to create a world of ease and pleasure through play and somatic bodywork. Using breath, sound and movement, he supports his client's natural healing process to release energetic blockages and break out of limiting beliefs and stories, and expand into the rich lives they are meant to live.

Matt lives in Montreal and frequently travels in Eastern Canada and New England.

Matt Moore

Ways to contact/book with me I offer as well Pets Accessible for wheelchair Restrictions
Phone: +1 (514) 996-9626
Email: info@matt-moore.ca
Sleepover, Movie Night, Companionship, Travel Guide (in your city), Travel Body (you accompany the client in another city), Skin-to-Skin Option, Cuddling at the client's place, Cuddling at the cuddler's place, Cuddling in public (such as theatre, beach, park) Cat No